STEM Interest Showcase

To celebrate NJ STEM Month, students at NECCS participated in the STEM Interest Sweepstakes – Share Why You Care.  This year’s theme is: STEM in your community.   Students wrote about issues that they are working on in school and the local area and how STEM might be used to make things better.

Students could create a drawing, message, letter, question and answer, video, etc. explaining their community, their STEM problem and why they care.  

“Aligned with our Black History Month celebrations, students were given the task of writing an essay about their hopes and dreams for a better world. In third grade, students were asked to think about issues that impact our everyday lives. Students collaborated to create a list of issues including, but not limited to, ideas centered on littering, mental health, animal abuse, and homelessness. They were required to think deeply about their topic in order to explain to the readers why their issue was in fact an issue. Then they wrote about the solutions that could be used to fix their issue, suggesting ways in which to remedy the problem and what long term change that would make in the world. Our third grade students rose above and beyond expectations in order to produce thoughtful and thought-provoking essays that really detailed the ways to make a big change in the world we live in today.”   Ms. Tegg, 3rd grade teacher