Kindergarten to 4th Grade Education

English Language Arts (ELA)

Our ELA Program features:

  • Balanced Literacy
  • Readers & Writers Workshop
  • Schoolwide Curriculum Program
  • iReady
  • Access to thousands of books!

Newark Educators’ Community Charter School uses a Balanced Literacy approach proven to be successful in school districts around the country. Through the Balanced Literacy program students are instructed in reading and writing in multiple contexts each day; through Guided Reading, independent reading, daily read aloud, learning to write a variety of genres through the writing process, including one-on-one conferences during Writer’s Workshop, and Word Study through Fundations. We have also incorporated iReady Teacher Toolbox and individualized instruction for students to ensure we are meeting the needs of all learners.


Our Math Program is:

  • Data-driven
  • Utilizes Spiraled interventions to diagnose and correct misconceptions and errors.
  • Provides Individualized instruction including intervention support and extension opportunities that support learners.

In math, we recently shifted away from Eureka Math because we did not believe it offered enough opportunities for parent engagement in learning as well as explicit strategy instruction for students. We began using iReady’s full spectrum of services beyond self-paced computer work, to include teacher toolbox and all of the intervention and assessment programs that are contained within. The benefit of this program is its direct connection to student learning standards and immediate opportunities for assessment and alternate instructional strategies to help struggling learners.

Science and Social Studies

For science and social studies, we have really honed in on inquiry as the basis for our learning. Inquiry shifts students to become the leaders of their learning and requires them to develop questions and determine how to answer those questions. We specifically use InquiryED for Social Studies and Foss for Science. These NJSLS aligned programs teach students important concepts while developing the habits of mind and skills to be prepared 21st century citizens.