Kindergarten to 4th Grade Education


This year, NECCS is using Envision Mathematics for our K-4 Math program. Envision is a robust Math program that allows us to provide students with a rigorous curriculum as well as an extensive resource list to support students both in school and at home. Envision has a family engagement website that includes videos, which can be watched at home for every lesson to support homework completion.

Student Resources Website

This website has links for Math and ELA resources used throughout your NECCS student’s day.   Additionally, this website has Math homework help.  Links for each grade are available to help with video resources and practice questions for each lesson from our SAVVAS Math program.

FUN FACT:  There are Scavenger Hunt forms for each grade level so that you can learn to navigate our new SAVVAS program.  Happy navigating!


Over the past 20 years, with the support of the National Science Foundation and the University of California at Berkeley, the FOSS program has evolved into a curriculum for all students in grades K–8.  The current editions of FOSS result from a rich collaboration between the FOSS development staff at the Lawrence Hall of Science, the FOSS team at Delta Education, and educational researchers, dedicated professionals in the classroom, and their students, parents, and scientists.  This means that NECCS students are engaged in fun and educational experiences in every lesson with our FOSS Science program.