Who We Are

Our school is an engaging learning community. We support the holistic growth of children and educators. Our school is a place where culture, community, and professional knowledge come together.

Newark Educators’ Community Charter School is a rigorous learning community that supports students’ academic, social and personal growth. We envision our students to be critical thinkers who achieve a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. We actively promote the tolerance and appreciation of human diversity through school-wide programs. Our staff works with every student to develop the confidence to confront challenges as a foundation for personal and academic success in high school and beyond.

Our Core Values are anchored in D.R.E.A.M.S. (Determination, Respect, Excellence, Achievement, Motivation, Service)


  • Including all students
    We believe that every child has the right to a bright future. Our flexible learning environment allows for the needs of each child to be considered. We set our benchmarks high and work hard to ensure that every student reaches their full potential.
  • Creating a dynamic and experiential learning environment
    Our responsive approach turns the classroom into an interactive object and engages students based on their interests. Our curriculum goes beyond the basics to include specialized programs such as science, arts and physical education. We also offer a wellness program to guide students in their choices beyond the classroom.
  • Preparing students for success in life
    We believe success includes academic and life skills. Core traits include: persistence/tenacity, optimism, social intelligence/social integration, curiosity, confidence, leadership, integrity and creativity. For us these skills more accurately prepare children with different aspirations and create the foundation for long-term success.
  • Fostering dedicated teachers and mentors
    One of the things we are most proud of at our School is our committed staff. Our school is founded and led by educators who share and support one another. In addition, our school has a number of specialist teachers who are experts in different fields of study. They help shape new curriculum and provide additional assistance to students.

In June of 2007, Mrs. Kornegay, a retired Principal of Newark Public Schools District, Ms. Lynne Einbender, and Ms. Margot Hammond from Bank Street College, and a former member of her staff, Ms. Xiania Foster expressed their desire to develop and open a charter school based on the instructional model that was so successful at Fifteenth Ave. School and promoted state assessment scores in the high 70 – 80 percentiles.  Thus, in March of 2008, Ms. Kornegay, her former staff member, and her Bank Street colleagues submitted their application to the charter school office in Trenton, NJ. The application was approved and Newark Educators Community Charter School opened its doors in September 2009 to two hundred students in grades Kdg. through 3rd grade.

NECCS’s curriculum was developed based on Best Practices, and processes that promoted critical thinking through hands-on, student-centered activities.  Key designed elements of the instructional program included Balanced Literacy, Math, and Foss Science. The Social Studies curriculum was taught through highly developed Units of Studies that promoted deep inquiry over four-six weeks periods.  Additionally, Spanish, Technology, Art, Ballroom Dancing, and other dance classes were offered during the first few years of the school.

NECCS’s model also believed in building partnerships with parents and the community. Some of the partnerships included NJPAC, The Public Library, The Newark Museum, Main Street Counseling, Rutgers University, and Caldwell College.