PreK – Tools of the Mind

Tools of the Mind, the curriculum utilized in our preschool classrooms, emphasizes self-regulation, working memory, dramatic play, and cooperative learning. Research has shown that Tools of the Mind has had a positive effect on executive functions, reasoning ability, the control of attention, and improvements in academics. 

Tools of the Mind follows the Vygotskian approach to teaching. Vygotsky believed that just as physical tools extend our physical abilities, mental tools extend our mental abilities. These mental abilities enable us to solve problems and create solutions in the modern world.

Benefits of Tools of The Mind

  • Promotes research-based teaching practices to support children’s development and learning in Early Childhood Education
  • Provides strategies and resources to support parent and family engagement
  • Offers comprehensive standardized training and materials to support the implementation 
  • Offers opportunities for child-initiated play and activities that promote open-ended exploration
  • Includes specific adaptations for children with dual languages, disabilities, suspected delays, or other special needs
  • Promotes individualization based on children’s strengths and needs