Science Fair 2024

March 2024

It sounds like NECCS’s first annual Science Fair was a fantastic showcase of creativity, curiosity, and scientific exploration across different grade levels! The projects covered a diverse range of topics related to Earth Day, from understanding the fabrics of the Earth in Kindergarten to exploring air pollution and electricity generation in fourth grade.
The Kindergarten project on the Fabric of the Earth, where students made quilt squares representing different fabrics from nature, sounds like a delightful and hands-on way to introduce young learners to the concept of materials and their sources.
First grade’s investigation into tornadoes, using jars with different types of water to simulate the conditions, must have been a captivating experiment that engaged students in understanding natural phenomena.
Second grade’s dual focus on erosion, weathering, deposition, and the water cycle demonstrates a comprehensive exploration of Earth’s geological processes and the water cycle, essential components of understanding environmental science.
The third-grade projects on water filtration and sewage systems show a practical application of scientific principles to address real-world issues like water quality and pollution. It’s impressive to see students engaging in experiments with tangible results that have implications for environmental stewardship.
Lastly, the fourth-grade eSteam team’s participation in the NJIT eSteam competition and their project on measuring air pollution and generating electricity from lemons showcase their ingenuity and innovative thinking. The lemon battery experiment is a classic but effective way to demonstrate the principles of electricity generation, and tying it into the broader context of environmental science is a clever approach.
Overall, it’s clear that NECCS’s Science Fair provided an enriching learning experience for students across all grade levels, encouraging them to explore, question, and innovate in the realm of Earth science and beyond.

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