Holiday Cheer

In December, NECCS celebrated the festive season with two exciting holiday events that brought joy and creativity to our scholars. The highlight of the month was the holiday pictures taken for all our students, capturing the spirit of the season and creating lasting memories. Additionally, our school hosted a spectacular Holiday Showcase, featuring full dance performances by each grade level. The mesmerizing dance performances were expertly produced by Ms. Newby-Phillips, who brought out the best in our students and showcased their talents to the entire school community.

Furthermore, the Holiday Showcase included an impressive art display featuring the festive creations of our students. The art showcase, curated by the talented Mr. Vassallo, highlighted the creativity and imagination of our scholars, adding a visual delight to the festivities. These events not only brought warmth and cheer to our school but also provided a platform for our students to shine and express themselves during the festive season.

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