We are grateful to those individuals, foundations, organizations and corporations who have partnered with us to sustain NECCS during its first three academic years. This generous support has been essential for renovating the facility, establishing the classroom spaces, developing the curriculum, and strengthening our learning community.

Like other charter schools, NECCS looks to close the gap between monies received by the state and the cost to run the school. That gap is approximately $2,500 per student. In addition to this, money for special programs must be raised. These special programs enhance the curriculum, the effects of which you see as you browse our website. Take a look around and see how engaged our students are in their learning. Then we hope that you will join us with your support.


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Our 2012-2013 Wish List!

Gift levels of $25,000 – $100,000* could provide: – Classroom furnishings – Laptop computer lab – Interactive whiteboard purchases

Gift levels of $10,000 – $25,000 could provide: – Kitchen/lunch healthy food sponsorship – Classroom materials – Outdoor blocks

Gift levels of $2,500 – $10,000 provide: – Field trips – Physical education equipment – Art program – Music program – Dancing Classrooms – 4 document cameras ($600/each) – Boat building program in conjunction with Project USE

Gifts of all levels are deeply appreciated and used to enhance:

$100 – Classroom libraries

$100 – School supplies for students

$250 – Classroom supplies

$500 – Afterschool expenses for one student

*Please contact the Strategic Partnerships office (ext. 110) for “naming” opportunities.

For more information, you can contact Dina Velez, the principal at our school, or mail your check to: Newark Educators’ Community Charter School Attn: Dina Velez 9-11 Hill Street Newark NJ 07102 


9-11 Hill Street
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FAX: 973.732.3847

Principal Dina Velez

Office Staff:

Denise Drayton

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School Business Administrator:

Hector Berrios

Carmela Gomez

School Nurse:

Anne Godfrey-Wilson

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